Short Hills Hair Salon – Best Hair Beauty Spa Services NJ

For past seven years, a professional Beauty Spa named as ‘Short Hills Hair Salon’ is serving its clientele in providing the best-in-class spa and hair salon services in Short Hills, NJ. Rosana Ramos established the Short Hair Salon in 2010 in Short Hills, NJ with a passion for creating an ambience of tranquility with her hair salon skills. She is driven a by a dedication towards providing the best hair services to her clients in NJ. The preferential treatments facility of Short Hill Salon includes Hair Extensions, Hair Color, Hair Highlighting, Haircut Services, Hair Style and Beauty Spa services in Short Hills, NJ. 

    The skilled staff of Short Hills Salon works based on the European level system that measures experience, expertise and years of dedication. The prices listed for all the hair services provided by us are based on the length and texture of client’s hair. We only use the organic ingredients for the purpose of deep conditioning to deliver the revitalizing and balancing effects to your scalp. We believe, customer’s satisfaction is our reward, so Short Hills Hair Salon always strives to offer the customer-oriented personalized hair services. We guarantee the satisfaction with our professional air service that lessens breakage and leaves your hair sleek, silky and recharged by a combination of aromatherapy and damage-repairing essential elements. 

Our Services

Hair Extensions

While we do offer other services, hair extensions are essentially all we do, every day! By doing so many customers a week, it has helped us become experts in what we do and ensure you get the best possible service.

Hair HighLighting

Many do prefer full hair coloring. If you are not among such clients and looking for a subtle and lighter tone to change to your style, then consider having Highlights in your hair, get a new look which make your friends to compliment you!

Hair Colour

Coloring your entire hair is the new fashion to express your inner attitude! If you are looking to change your style by coloring your entire hair, then Short Hills Salon is here for you. We provide hair color services from light to dark or just say, any color which you desire.

Hair cutting

You will receive the best hair styling consultation from our professional hair stylist. We will assist you to choose the best-suited hair style and hair color for you. Just let our stylists change your looks and be ready to make the heads turn!